Nation – Terry Pratchett

After 25 Discworld novels, Pratchett needed a break, so he wrote this.

“This” is a book for children (but not just, like every other Pratchett’s book for children), about what happens when you are the only survivor to a terrible event, and all the people you knew are all dead; about how you cope with finding yourself suddenly on a tropical island, after a shipwreck and the death of all the rest of the crew; is a book about religion, and about science; it’s about selflessness and courage; about being in love, but missing the one time in your life that could have make it work, and moving on to do the things that you have to do.
It’s also about racism, and unmotivated cruelty, and a world that is almost like ours, but in fact not our own.

It’s of course a book about many other things, because Pratchett is a Good Writer, and his purpose is usually to make you think while you’re laughing like mad.


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